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100% organic mosquito and tick

control for more than 15 years!

  • Season-long yard protection for your family and friends
  • Event-focused treatments for those special days outdoors 
  • Year-round pest control for commercial properties

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The all-natural, 100% organic solution

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  •  Our products affect most of the nuisance pests that we encounter in our environment every day, including mosquitos, ticks, spiders, and other biting or nuisance insects.
  • Our products are completely safe immediately, even when just applied. Ask your tech for information about our personal product line to apply to yourself and your pets.
  • Our products will not harm your plants or any of the beneficial insects around them. If you want a product to safely treat your garden, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our products do not harm beneficial insects or wildlife, including honeybees, butterflies, ladybugs, and aquatic life.

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BEWARE: Other companies use PYRETHRIN

  • The Mosquito Hawks team takes your health and safety seriously. We also take your outdoor fun seriously… we want everyone to play outside without worry this season!
  • Our 100% natural treatments are performed using our proprietary blend of certified organic plant derivatives and essential oils, which are hand-crafted specifically to keep your pest problems under control and your treated surfaces sanitized.
  • Our mission is to rid you of pests while keeping your family, pets, and friends safe from the harsh chemicals and ingredients found in “traditional” pest control products. Nobody wants to walk through a yard laced with harmful substances. Be careful of false claims from pest control providers about using “natural” products. Ask if they use PYRETHRIN and similar products that can kill all insects and some wildlife. (Better yet, just go with Mother Nature and call The Mosquito Hawks!)

Home Perimeter Program

Our Home Perimeter Program (HPP) is a year-long service to control the unwanted pests that can be found inside your home, such as spiders, silverfish, earwigs, and centipedes.

Yard Perimeter Program

Our Yard Perimeter Program (YPP) is a season-long service to control mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, spiders, and other biting bugs from taking over your property!

Outdoor Parties or Events

Whether your event is for 2 or 200, we want you to enjoy your special day! Simply schedule at least one month in advance, and we’ll make sure mosquitoes and ticks don’t spoil your fun!

Bee & Hornet Treatment

First, we establish what kind of hive you have, as we don’t harm our pollinating friends! If we find honey bees, we contact a local beekeeper to transfer the hive to a safe location.

Water Treatment

TheMosquitoHawks are happy to introduce water treatment services for property with standing water areas. We eradicate mosquito larvae before they become a nuisance.

Rodent Control

Services includes cleaning, disinfecting and removing debris or overgrowth of landscaping which is imperative in clearing up rodent infestations.

About The Mosquito Hawks

We have developed time-tested, proven products that have been in use for over 10 years with the same dedicated clients. They not only will keep your pest problem to a minimum, but also have antiviral and antibacterial properties as well, sanitizing all treated surfaces.

Our services repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, spiders, and other nuisance pests, away from your property, keeping your warm weather get-togethers bug-free.

Our technicians feel safe working with our products and our own families feel safe having their homes and properties treated with our products. And we know that you will, too.

We use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) best practices with the most advanced techniques. Combined with our own specially formulated, certified organic product line, we flush and deter targeted insects and disinfect surfaces from viruses and bacteria. These surfaces include window sills, baseboards, floors, bathrooms, and basements.

Did you know that most plant oils have natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties that kill germs and harmful insects? Just a fun fact!

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Organic = Happy!

“The treatments work like a charm and whenever I see my kids playing in the yard, I can rest easy knowing that our property is free of toxic chemicals and that they can play all day in safety.”

Matthew F - Rehoboth, MA

“I love the fact that our yard is protected by natural ingredients and not some harmful pesticide. Whenever The Mosquito Hawks team comes for a treatment, I know it starts working right away, and even better… we can use the yard immediately!”

Nick D - Providence, RI

“When we moved here from out of state we tried other companies for mosquito and tick control. We were never happy with the results and never felt comfortable with the products they used. Once we found The Mosquito Hawks and their organic solution, we never looked back and call them every season!”

Clarice N - Somerset MA